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    Our mission at Gold Path Solar is to help people find and navigate their brightest path forward.

    Our process

​We believe that solar for your home will help put you on that path. We put people first in every decision we make, which starts with our structure. GPS is an employee owned business, with great people who love what they do, and who understand the long term success of our homeowners means success for the organization that they own.

We make sure that you have a dedicated solar advocate assigned to you from day one, commission free, that is focused on you having an outstanding customer experience from start to finish. Our investments are in our employees and customers, who return the favor ten fold by being the best advertising any company could hope for! 

We take the time to learn what you want out of your solar panel project, to ensure that solar not only makes sense, but that you feel comfortable with us.

We learn what is important to you

There are so many options and it can be overwhelming. Gold Path Solar is dedicated to learning what is most vital to you.

We help you navigate the options

The Gold Path Solar team is dedicated to guiding you through your options and the available products and services.

We secure your personalized solution

Gold Path Solar personalizes a system to achieve your goals and maximize your home’s clean energy potential!

​Our story

​Our personalized approach builds relationships, fosters community, and accelerates the rate of solar adoption.

This momentum leads to a sustainable circle of reciprocity, we support our homeowners who in turn support us, and we collaborate to create energy freedom for the communities we serve locally.

We don’t tell you what you need with a one-size-fits-all, canned solution. We help you navigate your renewable energy journey to energy independence, keeping your goals in mind all the way.

Our leadership team has over 20 years of solar experience, and have heard the top three most common complaints in the solar industry for years. A confusing sales experience due to high- pressure tactics and misleading ads, a frustrating lack of communication due to dealing with call centers with 1-800 numbers, and of course, a poor solar installation and maintenance experience due to lack of training and understaffing.

Our founders knew that to be successful and create opportunities for everyone, we had to listen to these complaints and be different.

We are structured specifically to alleviate these headaches, and turn putting solar panels on your home into a headache-free step towards energy freedom. We take the time to personalize solutions and communicate through the process, dedicating one person from start to finish.

One homeowner at a time, trust is built and creates strong solar communities.

They are choosing not to put their energy futures in the hands of companies thousands of miles away, but instead invest in themselves, creating more value and jobs within their own communities. This sustainable business model is built to serve the community, not the other way around.

​The Gold Path Solar Way

At Gold Path Solar, we live our mission everyday. Helping people find and navigate their brightest path forward is in our foundation. Our employee-owned structure allows each team member to care more about the long term success of the projects they work on, because they know with your long term success comes their long term success. 

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​Step 1: Consultation

We start with a no-nonsense consultation, where you get to speak with a dedicated expert who will ask you questions about your home, your goals for the project, and gather all the information we need to design a personalized system for you. This first step is core to our mission, we want to listen first and act second, so that your experience is great from start to finish, even if you do not end up working with us.

Step 2: Design

Your solar advocate will then take this information to our design team, where we take into account the rules and regulations of your utility company, the town or city you live in, your actual energy consumption patterns, and most importantly your goals for the project to determine if solar makes sense. 

Step 3: Personalized solution

Based on that consultation, we make a recommendation. If solar doesn’t make sense, we will explain why and part ways as friends. If solar does make sense, we will personalize a design to fit your exact energy needs. We will never waste your time sitting through a canned sales pitch with a one-size-fits-all design and ask you to sign up on the spot, before knowing how much energy you use, how much you can actually save, or even if we are allowed to do the project.

Step 4: Installation

Once you have signed up, your solar advocate will stay with you through the installation process! You will have a single point of communication to work through as your project moves through the permit and interconnection process, and is scheduled for installation by our project team. Once your interconnection has been approved and your permit is secured, you will be put on our schedule! 

Our installation professionals will come out and get to work. The experienced installation professionals will install your array according to the design you signed up for and typically wrap up the project and commission the system the first day they come out! If there are any hiccups or tweaks to be made, no worries! Your same solar advocate will be there to help. Our team focuses on communication and consistency, so you see the same people from start to finish. No need to explain yourself over and over or hold onto a ticket number to get responses to your issues. Our team is ready to seamlessly respond to you.

Step 5: Fully operational!

After the system is commissioned, your utility company replaces your meter with a new bidirectional meter that can handle the excess energy your solar produces. Your system is now fully operational, and your solar advocate will check in and make sure everything is running smoothly. 

We will then ask that you pay it forward, supporting our company with reviews and joining our community of solar homeowners who believe what we believe in: building a better energy future together.

Sign up today to meet your solar advocate and start your journey down the path of energy freedom!

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