4 Reasons to Buy Local

By - Alex Hay
18.04.23 01:18 PM

Solar for your home is a no-brainer, and so is buying local

    So ya want options? Well, when choosing a rooftop solar partner you will certainly find plenty. Solar, like just about every other industry, is filled with organizations of varying sizes and offerings. You have your nationwide installer with a significant presence in most states and a headquarters across the country from your home, then you have the slightly more selective regional-partners, then finally, rooftop solar companies headquartered locally  in your own backyard. So which one do you choose? Well, each has their own strengths as well as areas of improvement - but as you construct your “pros and cons” list, you’ll find your local installers start to separate themselves from the pack for a multitude of reasons.

1. Better and Personal Service 

    You have a local solar advocate who supports you and can easily stop in for home-visits to ensure a seamless installation process. At Gold Path Solar, you are assigned a local solar advocate from Day one, who is dedicated to your project from the day you sign up until after your installation is built. You’ll have their cell phone number for any questions or concerns, no matter how big or small - not some 1-800 number to sit on-hold on with no potential solution in sight. Going solar is an important investment, one that will pay-off in droves, but only if you have a partner who cares as much about your solar array’s long-term success as they do about getting you to sign on the dotted-line…

2. Incentives Align Better

    With a local solar company, reputation means everything, especially in today’s day and age where the good, the bad, and the ugly are recorded online for eternity. At Gold Path, our incentives are the same as yours: we want your array to produce well for decades, our reputation depends on it! We pride ourselves on being a referral-based organization, which is why your happiness is our happiness, because we want you to recommend us to your friends and family. Word of mouth is the life blood of a local business, and this helps keep the business servicing the community, not extracting from it. 

3. More In Depth and Focused Market Knowledge

    RED. TAPE. It sounds frightening - and in the construction world, you see it everywhere. Partnering with a local solar company like Gold Path with expertise in navigating the interconnection and permitting approval processes makes life a whole lot easier! Local governments, utility companies and even certain neighborhoods have lengthy and convoluted approval standards, so it’s pivotal you have a local expert who knows the system and can anticipate potential roadblocks. It can also be maddening when you’re calling into a 1-800 number, to a call center that has to look up your information each time and doesn’t have first hand experience dealing with the different authorities involved. A local solar installer like Gold Path gives you one dedicated representative, that will stick with you all the way through the project that you can call directly. 

4. Buying Local Means Investing Local and Supporting Your Community

    Investing in your community is important. Partnering with a local rooftop solar installer ensures not only years and years of personal safety and protection from rising utility rates, but local market stimulation as well! Investing in solar with Gold Path is the grass-roots partnership that benefits everyone in the community! We hire and purchase local, protect property owners against future energy rate hikes and power outages, and increase local property value. Buying local keeps money in the community, creates greater accountability for businesses, and spreads the financial benefits more equitably. We look forward to earning your business!

Alex Hay