Why Isn't Everyone Going Solar Right Now?

By - Alex Hay
15.09.22 03:39 PM

Solar power is the most abundant and cleanest energy source on the planet, and it's not even close - so why isn't everyone taking advantage?

Old habits die hard. People have been drilling deep into the earth to harvest coal to fill up trains and barges headed to factories to burn and send toxic air into the atmosphere for us to inhale in our backyard since before the United States was even a country. For years, digging up coal was the easiest and most profitable known-way to power our homes and business, which allowed massive fossil fuel organizations to gain outrageous amounts of power and control across the US - but times are changin'...

The sun provides enough energy to meet all of humanity's need for power for an entire year in one hour... ONE. SINGLE. HOUR! How crazy is that?!? Less than one-half percent of the Earth's surface would need solar panels to cover all the world's energy needs, yet we continue to pay our utility companies a monthly inflating rate over and over and over again. Why?

Utility companies, like many monopolies, have controlled the narrative in the past, tossing big-bucks towards lobbyists to keep fossil-fuel-friendly laws in place, and towards advertisements proclaiming the need for fossil fuels to power our day to day lives, all while increasing their profit margins and investing billions of dollars into solar panels for themselves. Another reason people tend to hold off on going solar is the negative reputation of contractors in the construction industry. Most customers we speak with have had a bad experience with a contractor at one time or another, whether it's not showing up on time, over-charging for services, over-promising and / or under-delivering, the contractor reputation leaves a lot to be desired in many cases. Gold Path Solar uses proven, certified electricians and installers to complete all jobs, and every customer has a single point of contact through the entire process known as a "solar advocate" - he / she will be with you from the first call all the way through installation. You won't be sold then forgotten - we're here to build a solar community with you! 

Another reason people haven't been jumping on the solar-train: "this all sounds great, but this is a new technology, we're going to give it some time and see if it improves..." The fact of the matter is solar panels have been around for many, many years - Jimmy Carter actually had solar panels installed on the White House roof in the 70s! There is no better time to go solar than RIGHT NOW. Not only is the technology long-lasting and proven, certain incentives for going solar are slowly disappearing. The Federal Solar tax credit is currently 26% - this will drop to 22% in 2023 and 0 in 2024. Also, many utility companies are changing their net-metering policies, favoring much more utility-friendly buyback rates. Waiting to go solar is never the answer, because at the end of the day, the alternative is always worse: Stop donating money to your utility company and invest in proven and profitable solar power today! 

Alex Hay